Chakra & Reiki Product CATEGORIES

Chakra Set
Chakra Set (9)
Chakra-Reiki Keyring
Chakra-Reiki Keyring (1)
Chakra-Reiki Spheres
Chakra-Reiki Spheres (1)
Engraved Chakra Pendants
Engraved Chakra Pendants (1)
Natural Chakra Set
Natural Chakra Set (12)
Reiki Keyring
Reiki Keyring (4)
Reiki-Paggan Set
Reiki-Paggan Set (10)
Seven Chakra Bonded
Seven Chakra Bonded (1)

DECRIPTIONS OF Chakra & Reiki Product

We supply chakra pendulum kits, engraved chakra pendants and various other items related to chakra at our online store. Contact Us directly to avail these items at factory price.